This is a detailed guide for using the Outlook Exporter plugin. All available tasks are described in detail in appropriate sections of this guide.

Why use Outlook Exporter?

The Outlook Exporter is a simple and efficient Outlook plugin which allows you to fully and freely manage all of your emails and accompanying attachments.

Instead of having one large exported file, which is a default Outlook solution, you can export individual emails and organize them in folders, so you could find them and use them more easily.

In addition, all attachments are automatically given the name of the sender (and email subject), so you could identify the email they originally belong to.

One possible use for Outlook Exporter is to allow you to easily backup all of your emails and attachments and then access and manage them via native Windows Explorer (because the files are exported to a folder you choose on your computer).

The other example might be placing the attachments into a shared folder which would allow you to share them with your colleagues as well as friends and family.