What is OutlookExporter

OutlookExporter is a plugin for Outlook. It allows you to easily export all your Outlook emails to your harddisk, usb-stick, server, file system. Exporting 1 email or exporting 100.000 emails (with attachments) is just as easy. You simply drag-and-drop an email or folder and all those emails will be exported. Now they can be read & shared with everyone (and WITHOUT Outlook). In fact reading an email has become as simple as double clicking on the email from your file explorer. Your email wil now open up in your favorite Internet browser. No Outlook is needed to view any of the exported emails. Sounds good, right?

Why the need for OutlookExporter?

The answer to why is made clear with a couple of simple questions. Question: Has your Outlook .pst file become too big to handle? Too slow to backup? Do you fear losing uncountable emails when your .pst file becomes corrupt? Have you ever wanted to share mails in your inbox with others (that don't have Outlook)? Were you able to share it without hassle? ..and without setting up a special MS Exchange Server or IMAP server. Question: Are you just like us and do you like to have all your project related emails and other documents together in one place for the whole project team to see? If anyone answers 'YES' to any of the above questions than there is a need for this Outlook Plugin.

Born out of an Eureka Moment

Hi, my name is Mike (the guy behind OutlookExporter). One day I asked myself a simple question: Why don't we store all your emails, like we do with all other documents -as seperate files- on our file system, harddrive, file server, or usb-stick? Why?? Emails are just files just like any other -like Word, Excel, mp3, pdf, etc- so why don't we store them as files on your harddisk or server, like we do with any other file?? After realizing this I became like Forrest Gump, I started programming and kept on programming. I couldn't stop. Others around me also started programming and we kept on going for nearly a full year until the job was done. This was in 2009. Now 5 years later, with OutlookExporter in use with Corporate users and Small Business owners, we can safely say: Now you can have all ours emails, photos, pdf's and docs all nicely together in regular folders on your disk. It is user friendly, stable, safe and fully tested. Give OutlookExporter a try. Simply click the download button. The install is easy. Click here to see how easy (video walk-through),

Snowden revelations & better protection

If you are a LinkedIn user, you find yourself regularly surprised. "How do they know that I might know this person?" You get the feeling they are digging deeper through all your personal emails than you realize. Snowden is telling us: "It is worse. Basically anything that is digital and has an Internet connection is owned by Government snoops."
He tells us: "You might not stop them but you can make it harder". So how about moving all those old emails onto an USB disk, away from Outlook? The truth is, you never look at them anymore. If you ever need them, they will be safely stored on your USB drive away from snoops & malware.

Great for Archiving

Whether you are an IT professional or a light computer user, we all have a need to archive old emails in order to reduce the load on our MS Exchange Server or .pst file. Lighter files make happier computers and reduce the time it takes to backup. See our extensive help file/tutorial. Do you manage an Exchange server, than use our plugin to lighten the server load. Export 40Gb to stay within your server license.

Great for Workgroup

Many workgroups would like to share emails without having to setup MS Exchange or IMAP server. Now they can by just installing the OutlookExporter plugin in Outlook. Have an email (with attachments) you want to share with others? Just drag it to a folder that everyone can access and you are done! Is it a great way for teams to work together on projects. Now all project files and related emails are nicely stored together in one place.

Great for People

If you are like me, you like to touch things and see things with our own eyes. I don't like my information trapped inside a vendor specific databases. OutlookExporter frees your emails so you can still search & access your emails long after Outlook has gone.


Don't leave those emails trapped anymore in your bloated .pst file. that only you can access with only Outlook. Now there is an easy way to share all your emails with everybody. With OutlookExporter you can now drag an email from your inbox to any place on your harddrive or server. Finally all your emails and attachments will be stored -as the should be-, together all your other files.


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